What a Foot Bath Can Do For You

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I think about 99% of everyone loves a foot bath.  What a foot bath can do for you is beyond relaxing, making your skin feel like silk, and getting rid of all the gross things we pretend aren’t on our feet in the first place.  It can be the best part of your week.  Looking forward to the smell of the essential oil and the feel of the salts in the warm water melts your whole body …and you haven’t even stepped in yet.


Relaxing, especially when you have children is essential in survival.  Giving your mind the time it needs to stop working overtime allows for happiness and health in so many ways.  When you are stressed your mind is in a fight or flight mode.  Even the little stresses keep your mind over-active.  Your mind tells your whole body that you may need to fight or run soon so it is on the alert in all the important parts of the brain that would tell you what to do if a bear jumped out at you.  But there are no bears in your home…except you, mama bear.

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This is a clue that you need to relax.  Anxiety and so many other mental issues happen when your brain isn’t allowed to relax.  Let your brain reset the survival pieces of itself and allow other functions to work, like the fantasy of the latest novel you are reading or dreaming of your next vacation.  So give your brain some extra oxygen and a break.  Breathe and slow your mind.


Where do I start? Increasing circulation is the most obvious.  If you have any kind of health conditions including Pregnancy increased circulation is going to help you.  You give your whole body more oxygen, increasing your immune system, helping your hair and nails grow, lowering blood pressure, promoting healthy lungs, heart, giving you increased energy, and countless other benefits.

Your poor feet, you stand on them all day, wear shoes that may or may not be comfortable and ignore them when they are screaming at you.  Having a foot bath will decrease swelling, relax your muscles, hydrate your skin and soften those rough spots.

What a foot bath can do for you - aching feet

Add a little Epsom salt or essential oil (lavender is probably the most popular).  Salt doesn’t draw toxins out of your body like it is rumored, however, it does take harmful things off of your skin like bacteria, toxins, odors, and heavy metals which can be absorbed through your feet and into your body.  Lavender has natural healing properties and is a natural pain reliever.  It’s also amazing to breathe in to give your mind some extra relaxation.


Instead of turning on a show (which is stimulating and doesn’t actually relax you), try meditating (or praying) while you soak.  Give your whole being a reset.  Focus on one keyword or phrase that you can come back to when you feel like your mind is wandering.  My word that I have used for years is Balance.  That is why I always sign my posts with “Peace and Balance.”  It is something I am still attempting to accomplish because it is forever changing.

What a foot bath can do for you - meditation benefit

Close your eyes, breathe in good, breathe out bad.  Feel a presence higher than you and wander down the path you see in your mind’s eye.  It sounds silly if this is the first time you have heard it, but it works.  Don’t knock it til you try it.  Really.  Let your mind float to nothing-land.

The Best Bang for your Buck

These footbaths are the best for your money.  I like to put a towel under my foot bath for any spillage and when I step out I let my feet dry on the towel, giving me a little more time to relax before getting back up.  I bring Renew lotion and my favorite fuzzy socks too.  Everything is right there for me.








Your Feet Are Amazing
Be Good To Them
Meditate Any Way You Can

What a foot bath can do for you - my first spa day

Peace and Balance,


What a Foot Bath Can Do For You

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6 thoughts on “What a Foot Bath Can Do For You

  1. I feel super relaxed even reading about it and looking at the pictures! I can a imagine how good it will feel on my feet – the nice and warm water, massage under my feet, awwwh. That sounds heavenly!

    Thank you for this beautiful post, encouraging us all to take a little bit of time out to pamper.

    Thank you

  2. Excellent article! I absolutely love foot baths, especially with Lavender and cinnamon scented Epsom salt (I’m going to try the tropical breeze scent tomorrow night). My feet always feel so much better afterwards-they seem lighter, my toes move easier, my legs and lower calves feel invigorated, etc. Many of us ignore our feet until we start getting cramps or feel/hear popping sounds; don’t do your feet like that. Haha I’m trying to be proactive and take better care of them. I have saved your article and will share it with my friends and family. God bless you!

    1. Thank you for saving and sharing! I never thought to put cinnamon in there to relax. That is a great tip, especially if you still have things to do for the day! Thank you for your comment!

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