The First 5 Minutes of Your Day Defines Your Attitude

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We all know that how we start our day sets the mood for the rest of our day so why aren’t we better at it?  It doesn’t take long, just the first 5 minutes of your day, to define your attitude for the better.  Make the most of your day by showing love to the people you love most, get your mind and your priorities in order and be productive…and yes in the first 5 minutes.

None of us are strangers to hitting the snooze button on our alarm clocks 5 times only to wake up more groggy and sluggish than we would have if we had gotten up the first time it went off.  We start the day on our phones then rush into the shower while yelling at the kids to get dressed.  Soon our whole morning is gone, we are late for school and everyone is tense.

Most of the time when I wake up I am met with a child who wants to snuggle and all I can think about is getting to work and how much I have to do that day.  Conciously I have to step back and think that I have a fresh start today.  I can rush which will lead to yelling and a completely stressed day, or I can spend 5 minutes to say goodmorning to each of my children individually.  The first 5 minutes of your day defines your whole attitude; what will you choose?

the first 5 minutes of your day defines your attitude - open your curtains

Open Your Blinds

Make it a habit to get out of bed, open your blinds and stretch a little bit as you look outside.  Let the sunlight in, even if it’s still dark when you wake up, open the blinds so when the sun wakes up you can appreciate what a beautiful day it’s going to be.  Sunlight has many health benefits for you but did you know it’s good for your room also?  When you open your blinds you are allowing the sun to come in to your home all day.  It gives the room an energy that makes a difference in your mind, body and spirit, but did you know that it kills germs too?

Even if you wake up and leave before the sun is up, open your blinds.  When you get home, it will feel more welcoming, cleaner, more open.

Be Grateful

We are all so grateful for our children but how do we show it?  Before they go off to school and you head to work, show them how much they mean to you in 1 minute or less.  I generally give my older kids a kiss on the head, smell them (I know this is weird but I love my children’s smell, even when it isn’t so pleasant), ask them how they slept, and talk to them about their goals today.  This sets their focus on something productive, gives them confidence that they can do what they are setting their mind to, and shows them love from mom.  I show physical affection and emotional affection by listening to them fully.

It resets my outlook also.  I am not focused on me, I am focused on what I have in my life, the things I am most grateful for.  It melts my mind, body, and emotions to putty when I kiss my children and focus on them fully.  It is difficult to explain but when you try it, you will see how it works.

the first 5 minutes of your day defines your attitude - kiss your children

With the younger children I pick them up and snuggle them, give them a kiss on the cheek and smell them (I know, I know, but we all have to have something odd we do as moms). I ask them how they slept even though they don’t quite grasp the concept of that and then I talk to them about something they can look forward to during the day, ie: learning their letters, seeing a friend, playing outside… whatever that day will bring.

Write it Down Now, Do Later

Think about what you want to write on your whiteboard.  If you have read my other articles you know that I keep a whiteboard (you can use anything you want) I write 2 things I want to do for the house, 2 things for myself, and 2 things for the children.  Look at all you accomplished from the day before (it should still be written down), erase it and write your goals you will accomplish today.  Write the first things that come to mind, those things in the front of your mind are probably your priorities that you subconciously want to focus on.  Getting those things done throughout the day will give you the best sense of accomplishment.

Do not try and get these things done right now.  Just write them down.  You are only starting your day, make these first few minutes count.  Being busy is not being productive.  We all have the same number of hours in the day, but those who plan are the most productive and the most fulfilled.

What Not-To-Do

  • Lay in bed for a long period of timethe first 5 minutes of your day defines your attitude - check your phone
  • Get on social media
  • Check emails
  • Rush to do anything
  • Raise your voice
  • Hit the snooze and go back to sleep
  • Turn on the TV or your phone
  • Multi-task
  • Skip kissing your partner and your children
  • Attempt to do too much, thereby not accomplishing anything

You All Deserve Better

You may feel like it’s a way of life to wake up last minute, grab a piece of toast and a banana, have the kids grab their lunches and backpacks and rush out the door.  None of you deserve that rushed feeling to set your day.  Go to bed a little earlier and wake up a little earlier to get the day started right, with graditude and productivity.

With everything you do, you are teaching your children something.  Think about how you start your day and make a concious choice to do something different.  Something better for you, your partner, and your children.  When they grow up they will take their time and be the most productive they can be only if they are taught to.  It’s up to you to show them that the first 5 minutes fo the day will help you focus, love, and set your attitude for the rest of the day.

Make the Most of Your Day
Be Productive, Not Busy
Your Children Are Watching…And Learning

the first 5 minutes of your day defines your attitude - my whiteboard to-do list

Peace and Balance,


The First 5 Minutes of Your Day Defines Your Attitude

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