Minimalist Views – Children’s Toys

If you read my articles you know that I try to be as real as possible.  You may detect a hint of minimalism about my articles when I speak about stuff.  Here is my minimalist views for my children’s toys…and everything else we own. I am not a huge minimalist but I do make sure things […]

What a Foot Bath Can Do For You

I think about 99% of everyone loves a foot bath.  What a foot bath can do for you is beyond relaxing, making your skin feel like silk, and getting rid of all the gross things we pretend aren’t on our feet in the first place.  It can be the best part of your week.  Looking […]

Going Back to Work After Having Baby

This is the stress and anxiety most of us face in this two income world we live in these days. As if it wasn’t enough we gave birth and we’re trying to keep this little thing alive, now we have to decide on if it’s worth it to return to work for your new family. […]

Mom Feeling Overwhelmed? – You aren’t alone! Let it out!

To the IMperfect mom feeling overwhelmed.  Let’s vent, let’s be each other’s support.  Sometimes all you need is to share your story and laugh when you find out we have all been there!  Your children are normal, your struggles aren’t unique, we have had those days!  Let us hear about it.  Let us empathize and […]

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