Dealing With Your Child’s Friends

We have all had that friend that when you brought them home your mom watched you guys a little more closely (or maybe you were that friend).  Now that you have children of your own you don’t want them falling into the wrong crowd, however, you can’t pick and choose their friends for them.  Dealing […]

Teenage Beauty Tips

Let me start by saying teenagers beauty starts from within.  If you encourage them and tell them that they are beautiful and handsome, they may sigh loudly and roll their eyes, but they hear you.  Tell them specifics about themselves that are attractive and be genuine. Tell them their heart, their smile, their skin, their […]

Moms NEED ME Time

The guilt of taking ME time is possibly the thing I struggle with the most being a mom. I am writing this for myself as well as for those moms who are on my same island. I am writing this in hopes that we can change the stigma that moms who take time for themselves, […]

Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Is it possible to go to the store, get healthy food to feed your whole family and save money? YES! I will share with you what healthy grocery shopping on a budget looks like. These are things that you can start doing now and requires no crazy antics or jumping through hoops. You read about […]

Chores for kids by age-Teen Years

If you have read my articles on “chores for kids by age 5” and “chores for kids by age 12” you already have your child helping with everything in the house. Teens…well we all remember what it was like as a teen. It is an uphill battle with a teen. All the more reason to […]

How to be a Good Single Mom

To be honest I am still trying to figure out how to be a good single mom. I can only tell you what has worked for me and let you know that there is a sadly large number of women out there that are in the same boat as you. It’s hard, really really hard. […]

Stress Relief for Moms in the Moment Ideas

I am not talking about all the things we “should be” doing every day like eating right and exercise.  I am talking about immediate stress relief for moms.  The days when the children are getting on your last nerve, you didn’t get much sleep last night (or since they were born,) you feel physically tense […]

How to Get Kids to Try New Foods

If you are like me you are constantly figuring out how to get kids to try new foods. Trying something new isn’t always exciting and is often intimidating to a child. It can take a child 12 times or more of trying a new food before they decide they like it plus their pallets are […]

Beauty Tips for a Beauty Mom

You deserve to feel beautiful!  These are some practical beauty tips and products I use every day.  That have received MANY compliments on my skin when I use them consistently.  Even if you only get 5 minutes today, You should feel like you did something for yourself.  Keeping up with your skin is a wonderful way […]

Mom Feeling Overwhelmed? – You aren’t alone! Let it out!

To the IMperfect mom feeling overwhelmed.  Let’s vent, let’s be each other’s support.  Sometimes all you need is to share your story and laugh when you find out we have all been there!  Your children are normal, your struggles aren’t unique, we have had those days!  Let us hear about it.  Let us empathize and […]

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