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Chaos vs Organization-Why is it So Hard?

Why is it so hard to keep things organized? Going from chaos to organization with kids seems impossible some days but understanding why it is that way may help you accept the fact that you can’t “win” this fight, but merely teach, train, and discipline yourself and your children to do the best you can […]

Chores for Kids by Age 5

Starting your child early with chores and responsibilities is a lot of work at first but as soon as they get it and can do it on their own it is so worth it for you and for them.  No one likes to do chores, but teaching them how to do things for themselves builds […]

Mom Feeling Overwhelmed? – You aren’t alone! Let it out!

To the IMperfect mom feeling overwhelmed.  Let’s vent, let’s be each other’s support.  Sometimes all you need is to share your story and laugh when you find out we have all been there!  Your children are normal, your struggles aren’t unique, we have had those days!  Let us hear about it.  Let us empathize and […]

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