Sunday-ish. My IMperfect Weekly Chore List

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We all know how crazy things can get when you have children. Keeping a strict daily and weekly chore chart is pretty impractical and mostly impossible. I realized this and figured out a system for a Sunday-ish list for us IMperfect moms. It takes the pressure off and gives you the freedom you need to enjoy your weekends.

Sunday Weekly Chore List - kids' sports

When I was a kid I remember Saturdays being full of sports events, birthday parties, or plans with friends. Sundays would be church, usually lunch with someone from the church, grocery shopping and then last minute homework or preparations for the school week. I don’t know how we packed in an entire week of cleaning on either of those days, but I remember hating the day of chores in between all of our other plans. Stress levels were high for everyone and we were exhausted by the evening. I knew that I would not ever be that kind of person. I like to spread things out a little every day and the house stays decent.

Never perfect…that’s not what this site is about and it certainly isn’t what I preach. I am an IMperfect mom and if you are reading this, you are too. Be Proud and Own That!

The List

My weekly list is pretty simple. I get a lot of things done during the week (see my article on 5-minute timers or chores for your children up to age 5, up to age 12, and the teen years). When you spend 5-15 minutes a day on the basics (dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms, etc.) there isn’t a whole lot of catch up work to do on the weekends.

  • Strip the beds
    • your kids starting at about age 4 can strip their own bed and pile their sheets in the laundry room
    • wash 1 dark and 1 light load
    • re-make the beds-your child starting about age 8 can make their own bed but before that they can help
  • water your plants
    • honestly you can do this during the week, but I have a hard time keeping things alive so I add it to my Sunday-ish list
  • Put all laundry away that didn’t quite make it during the week
    • I am horrible with my towels staying in the basket all week long, at least they’re clean right?
    • I fold all the little kids’ clothes together to complete an outfit so I use Sunday-ish to match the outfits, roll them up and put them away
  • Take all towels from bathrooms and put them in the laundry room to be washed
    • wash them during the week though, not today

Sunday Weekly Chore List - mismatched socks

  • Match stray socks you’ve collected during the week
    • I keep all the random socks that don’t have a mate in one spot, every other Sunday-ish I match as many as possible
  • One other project
    • spend a little time cleaning out a closet OR
    • going through the kid’s toys to donate or trash OR
    • deep clean
      • refridgerator
      • bathroom cupboard
      • kitchen cabinets
      • you get the idea-keep it small so it gets accomplished

That’s it. It’s really not extensive or difficult. It’s more of a reset for the week to make you feel confident.


I call this weekly chore list Sunday-ish because we all get busy. If I am planning a birthday party on Sunday, most chores are getting pushed to Saturday and sometimes even Friday or Monday. The key to Sunday-ish is the ISH part. You are doing these things as your schedule allows so other things that are more important, stay the priority. You should never tell your child they can’t go to a friend’s sleep over because it’s cleaning day. You should not feel stressed out for the party you are hosting on Sunday because nothing is done and that was your only day to accomplish it.

Sunday Weekly Chore List - daily planner

If I have a busy weekend, or even if we were to go out of town for a weekend, we plan accordingly. I wash the sheets on Thursday or Friday because I know I will have a pile of laundry coming back. Water the plants on Sunday night. Take the towels from the bathroom and do a small project on Monday. During the week I may have to match a few outfits instead of everything at one time just to make it through the week.

During the Week

You should be happy with what you accomplish during the week. A load of laundry and dishes every day plus 5-15 minutes on other things doesn’t take a lot of effort. That should make you happy, satisfied. You have children, it’s OK if your home is not perfect all the time. If someone has a problem with my home because there are a few toys on the floor during the day, that is their problem. My kids play with their toys, that is a GOOD thing!

Keeping a home clean and keeping it tidy is a marathon, not a sprint, don’t stress about it. Toys on the floor doesn’t mean your home is dirty, it means it’s lived in. If the floor underneath is clean, you should not be worried about what anyone else thinks.

Start this week

Sunday Weekly Chore List - clean as needed

Start by not stressing over cleaning things. I know it’s easier said than done. I believe in you! Set your timer for 5 minutes every day this week. Focus on one thing at a time and you will be amazed at what you will get done. You can do anything for 5 minutes! Do it in the morning, while you are making dinner, or after the kids are in bed. If you have a little bit older kids (over 5 years old) include them in the 5 minutes.

Get one load of laundry done every day (have the kids put their own clothes away). Run the dishwasher every night (have the kids put the dishes away every morning. It takes 3 minutes, I have timed it multiple times).

Use my list above this coming weekend. Tweak it a bit to fit your lifestyle next weekend. If you have plans all weekend just do a couple things each day. Keep the mentality that these things should be done weekly…NOT one day every week. Do you see the difference? It’s OK if the sheets don’t get changed until the 8th day. It’s OK if you water the plants on day 6. It’s Sunday-ISH!

Be Confident in Your Accomplishments

Perfect is Not Being Human

Most Things Are More Important Than Cleaning

Sunday Weekly Chore List - r baby wrapped up

Peace and Balance,


Sunday-ish. My IMperfect Weekly Chore List

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