Stress Relief for Moms in the Moment Ideas

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I am not talking about all the things we “should be” doing every day like eating right and exercise.  I am talking about immediate stress relief for moms.  The days when the children are getting on your last nerve, you didn’t get much sleep last night (or since they were born,) you feel physically tense all over.  What are some things that really work in the moment?

Do Yoga, Yes, even with the kids all over you

Yoga is incredible for getting stress out.  It is convenient too.  You can stop anywhere you are and breathe with a light stretch, Stress relief for moms - yoga with kidssitting, standing or laying down.  A simple focus of your center can get you through the rest of the day when the kids are bouncy.  If you can do a yoga session at home with the kids hanging all over you, do it!  Whenever my young ones see my yoga mat come out they know mom is about to become a horsebridge, and tunnel to crawl over, under and through.  I take it as a challenge for my core to balance and my arms and legs to become stronger when this happens.  I may not get a full session in but I get some quality breathing and stretching and end up feeling much better than I did in the beginning.

If the kids are being too much for yoga or if you get that feeling that you just CANT have little hands on you for another second!  Switch it up, just get moving.  Do some jumping jacks or run through the house.  If it’s nice out you could even get outside for 5-10 minutes and have a race.  That will do all of you some good.  They will follow your lead and join in the fun that mom is having.  You will feel better releasing some of that energy and so will the kids.  Keep it light and you will probably laugh by the end of it because someone will do something silly.  Laughing is a great way to alleviate stress as well so you get double the amount of relief!

Lavender Essential Oil and a Diffuser

Getting a calming scent in the air will calm you and the kids down.  I like to put my oils in a diffuser so the scent whiffs Stress relief for moms - diffuserthrough the air and everyone can feel how I want them to feel.  It really works!  Retailers and theme parks do this little trick to keep you happy and hungry.  Melaleuca has some quality products including the oils and diffuser (ask me for specifics on how to buy from them).  When I host parties I put a fun citrus scent in my diffuser and put it next to the door and gathering area.  When I host thanksgiving I put a rich cinnamon in it.  When I want everyone in the house to have calm time (or mom is getting a little crazy) I put a lavender or stress-free mixture in and set the diffuser in the room I am currently in.  It’s pretty much guaranteed that wherever mom goes, so goes everyone else right?!

Lavender is probably one of the most popular.  I love the smell but there are a lot of options!  When you find one you like, breathe deep, close your eyes and re-adjust your thoughts.


Mindful Cuddle Time

Sit down or lay down with the kids!  This part is all about your mindset.  You may be stressed about how the day is going or the kids are getting to be too much but they need mommy time and you are not able to get away from them.  They are showing you they need you in the only way they know how.  Sit down, turn on a show or read a book, let them snuggle up with you and recognize that this is a very special time.  The dishes can wait for 20 minutes while the children get their quality mommy fix.  Shift your focus on the sight, touch, and even smell of your babies.  (Warning, when they get older your baby may not smell the greatest…this could be a time to take note about a conversation you need to have with them a little later, enjoy this time with them in the moment.)

Stress relief for moms - snuggle baby and smells

Speak up

Everything you do, your children see and copy.  If you speak up and tell them you are feeling stressed and you need a time out for a few minutes they will learn what that means.  Factor in their ages.  A 4 year old is not going to wait 20 minutes.  A 10 year old certainly can. Set a time away and tell them you will be back in that set amount of time.  You will be amazed what 1 or 2 minutes can do for your sanity.  Don’t stay away forever, come back in that set amount of time so they know they can rely on you to do what you say.  Come back a refreshed person.  Your children will start to do the same when they feel stressed and it will follow them into adulthood.

Stress relief for moms - mom time out

In my experience, I found around 4 years old they understand that mom can have some alone time and come back to them.  If they are 2-4 they really don’t understand time but you could probably distract them and lock yourself in the bathroom for a minute or 2.  Just to get the little hands off you.  If they are younger than 2 you can’t really communicate this to them so, sorry, you will have to pick one of the other options here.

Get one thing DONE

I am sure if you are this stressed, you have not been able to complete anything today. Finish one thing!  If you can complete one thing you will feel better and you can check it off your accomplishment list for the day.  Since you can’t really give yourself a massage, have something do it for you.  Throw one of these wraps on as you deal with the kids or get your one thing done!  A massage and essential oils? It’s like you have left and went to a day spa!  Just kidding, but you will feel better! hehe

Instead of removing myself from a situation like I mentioned earlier, I will tell my kids to give me 5 minutes and I will finish something.  This idea gets the pressure off your shoulders, the house feels better and you feel better.  Here is a secret: A lot of times the kids will get distracted and give you more time than 5 minutes.

Mindful Minutes
Give Yourself a Time Out
Accomplish 1 Thing

Stress relief for moms - awaiting mom

Peace and Balance,

Mommy ASKK

Stress Relief for Moms in the Moment Ideas

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16 thoughts on “Stress Relief for Moms in the Moment Ideas

  1. I like the Get One Thing Done. I’m sure it is extremely overwhelming sometimes being a parent. I wouldn’t know as I don’t have kids BUT have 4 animals so maybe almost the same thing. It gets so busy in our lives that sometimes we become unproductive. Takes practice I suppose. Great read 🙂

  2. I love the beginning of this article so much! Like Nike says…’JUST DO IT.’ You WILL feel better, even if it isn’t the ‘ideal’ yoga sesh you had in mind. 😉 Thanks for a great article!

  3. These are great tips for stress relief! Little kids don’t give you much of a break, do they? 😉 I find the idea of doing yoga with the kids crawling under the bridge and doing other fun things quite funny, but if it helps, it helps. Yoga is great exercise. Walking too. I don’t like running much, but I can imagine how it wears out the kids, and then you have more time to relax 😉
    Stress has become such a big factor of our lives these days, it is important to find ways to destress. Breathing exercises also help a great deal for me.

    1. I talk about breathing in my 5-minute hacks It helps SO much!

      What’s the saying, if you can’t beat em, join em? -involving the kids gives my mind a bit of a break and they still get their mommy fix that they seemingly need ALL THE TIME 🙂

      Thank you for the comment!

  4. I really like this article. It is really important to get time for yourself so you can be the best version of yourself too. As a green living enthusiast I am passionate about the effects of diffusing essential oils. Did you know that citrus ones such as lemon can clean the air in your home? Great read. Thank you!

    1. I did know that! I love that feeling of my whole home having clean air. Both of my boys have minor medical issues and having clean chemical-free air is very important in our home. Thank you so much for your comment!

  5. These is great information to maintain the kind of stamina and focus required to give their best to your children and to work, it’s important for working moms to care for themselves the way they care for their children. It’s also important to enjoy positive feedback (hugs from kids and kudos from work) to avoid burnout.

  6. Thanks for sharing this post. Stress is a part of our lives and it’s good to know different techniques to relax and enjoy life. I’ll be sharing this post with my mom. Thanks again. Keep up the good work.

    1. You are welcome! I hope these simple tips are something we can all remember in the moment and use them as a habit before we start to yell lol!

  7. Thank you so much for this article! Although I do not have children, I spend a lot of time with my little cousins (ages 1 to 15), and they can definitely be a handful! I personally love the smell of lavender in the room-it was my grandmother’s favorite scent (as well as her favorite color), and it’s just so calming. I often use lavender-scented soaps, body washes, sprays, and candles in the bathroom. It’s amazing! We love the kids, but we definitely need time for ourselves. Great read! God bless you!

    1. Thank you for the comment. Maybe your cousins’ parents can benefit from some of these simple tips. They are great for anyone. In the moment when you need to cool down, its great to remember some of these. Thanks again!

  8. Hello,

    This is such an important article for many moms and women out there. Me-time is so important, but things always seem to get in the way of it.
    I liked that you discussed several ‘in the moment’ options to relax. My personal favorite is yoga 🙂

    Maybe my latest post can inspire you? It’s about doing yoga at home and it discusses the best online yoga teachers.

    Check it out:

    Wish you all the best,


    1. Adriene Mishler is my personal favorite too. When the kids are hanging all over you her shorter videos have saved me more than once! Thank you for the comment.

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