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For those moms that feel you never get ME time, sorry girl! Having kids is a different kind of life. It’s time to shift your mindset and embrace the Life of Mom. (not sorry)

You will hear me talk a lot about 5 minutes at a time. When I say 5 minutes, I mean tell Google or Alexa to “Set Alarm 5 Minutes” and do one thing that will make you feel accomplished. After 5 minutes STOP! It’s time to move on to what your kids have been bugging you about for the last four and a half minutes (that’s always the way it goes hehe). Set Alarm 5 Minutes - Life of Mom - 5

If you haven’t already, read my First Time Mom Tips to get a reference. These two posts go hand in hand. Not to overwhelm you. This site is directed to do quite the opposite. “I know you can be overwhelmed and you can be underwhelmed but can you ever just be ‘whelmed’??” I tried to search for a clip for this “Clueless” reference – couldn’t find one sorry – It’s still one of my favorite movies!

Adjust your priorities

When you were young and single you could do what you wanted when you wanted. Your priority list probably looked like this:

1. Work
2. Me



Now that you are a mom your list probably goes:

1. Kids
2. Kids
3. Kids
4. Work
5. Kids

It’s time to consciously adjust that way of thinking. I am not telling you what your priorities should be right now but I am telling you that YOU need to be in the top 3 daily. Your list will shift now and then but YOU should always be taken care of even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

That is where my timer comes in. I live my life 5 minutes at a time. I am not saying set a timer every 5 minutes. That would drive anyone CRAZY! When you have something to get done set your timer for 5 minutes and do what you can! You will be surprised at what you can accomplish! The more practice you get the more you will get done in that short amount of time.

Your Zen

At one time our idea of Me time was going to a spa or taking a week-long vacation. Aaahhh Remember those?? Now zen is found in little moments. 5 minutes to reset your brain, be in a different room than your bouncing kids, or just plain BREATHE is the way to keep you from pulling your hair out. Appreciating those things for that 5 minutes is the key. Consciously make the decision saying to yourself, “these next 5 minutes are for me” is the best decision you can make for everyone. Your zen is not unattainable, it is just packaged differently. Set your timer.Set Alarm 5 Minutes - Life of Mom -peace yoga

Find peace in the little moments with your children. Look at their face when they are reading a book. Watch them figure something out. Remember that they will never be this little again. Creating those memories is part of finding that inner peace you need within the chaos. Snap a picture. I am a huge fan of candid photos. There are a ton of options out there for keeping your favorites. I am getting better about putting them in some kind of organization and eventually I will create a book for each of my children. Each photo with a story, a memory, and it’s all because I took a little time to find my peace in their little face.

Just Breathe

If you literally can not get to anything else that day BREATHE. Consciously breathing has so many health benefits! Spiritually it can make you slow down and get in touch with God. Mentally it brings more clarity. Physically it has a multitude of health benefits including lowering blood pressure and can help lose weight! Getting oxygen into your body makes everything work better and cleaner. If this is the last resort today set your timer for 1-5 minutes after the kids have gone to bed. Tell your wonderful other half not to come in, lock yourself in the bathroom, turn the lights off, sit on the cool floor, close your eyes and breathe!

The House

What about the HOUSE you might ask. Again I say prioritize! 5-minute timers go along way with the house. I allow myself up to 15 minutes with the house BUT I STILL SET MY TIMER! My ideal routine is to empty the dishwasher in the morning while breakfast is being made or consumed (5 minutes). Throw a load of laundry in (less than 5 minutes). Get everyone to school and work. When everyone gets home shift the load of laundry to the drier before you sit down. Get dinner started whatever that entails and while it is cooking you do 5-15 minutes of anything else you need to be cleaned. Start in one corner in one room and wipe, dust, whatever your goal was for that day. Enjoy the kids, help with homework, eat dinner together. The rest of the night is free to enjoy the children. You won’t be thinking of anything else. Time for bed, get the dishes done and dishwasher started (max 15 minutes) as they are getting jammies on and brushing teeth. The only loose end you have to tie up is that load of laundry. Sit down at the end of the night and fold. There you go! It’s enough to keep the basics going. Remember: I said ideal LOL!

Set Alarm 5 Minutes - Life of Mom - you can win mugFeel like you can handle it yet?

You may think I’m crazy at this point. After 4 kids I ask myself this every day. But seriously 1 minute of breathing and 5 minutes of YOU during the day and you will feel like a new person. A Healthier Mom. Someone who enjoys the moments with the kids, chaos, or silence. You take pictures of the strangest things, upload them, and keep their story. I promise, when you adjust your mindset, shift your definition of zen, enjoy the little things, you WILL be a SUPERMOM!

You only need to be a SUPERMOM to your kids, their opinion is the only one that matters… oh yeah and also-you aren’t a mom to anyone else!

My Kids Think I’m a SUPERMOM.
I Don’t Care What You Think.

Set Alarm 5 Minutes - Life of Mom - cheese pizza
Semi-candid everyone having a great time – Say Cheese Pizza!


Peace and Balance,


Set Alarm 5 Minutes – Life of Mom

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14 thoughts on “Set Alarm 5 Minutes – Life of Mom

  1. Being a mom is never easy, and you definitely need many 5 minutes per day to have a quality “ME” time for yourself. I do think this 5-minute alarm setting works for other projects, not just for Moms’ daily lives.

    For example, I set my alarm for 25 minutes to fully concentrate on my writing. Once the 25 minutes are up, I can have a 5-minute break to do things I want to do just like your ways to live mom’s life for 5 minutes. It improves the quality of my article and I have things done in those 5-minute breaks. 🙂


    1. Writing is hard to set aside time. Working from home is a different beast than working out of the house. In the mornings the kids are more likely to be distracted with their own things so I just go and go until they actually need me. That’s awesome you have that system! You definitely need a break to get up and stretch your legs 🙂

  2. It is just so relatable. The amount of times I had to flee the room just get a five-minute break, since this quarantine life started :D. On a more serious note, I can’t complain I get to spend time with them when I normally couldn’t. Do you have any tips for working moms in quarantine?

    1. Quarantine life is so much different than most of us has experienced before. What I do is have a space that is just for work. The kids know it’s my time (even though they come in anyway.) I have to continuously draw the boundaries and it is frustrating. As long as you are consistent they will get the picture. That doesn’t mean you get all the time in the world but as long as you are reasonable for their ages in the amount of time you are taking, things should balance out. Yesterday I had a full 2 hours before I had to get up! The day before I don’t even think I got 2 hours of work done until they went to bed.

      If you are able to arrange your schedule, set a count down timer on your phone and pause it whenever you have to get up. This is a way you can make sure you are getting the proper amount of work done as you can instead of wondering how long you have worked because it seems like you got nothing done today. Good luck Tuma! I feel your dilemma and frustrations.

  3. I absolutely loved your post. I’m a mum of a 2-year old girl and she’s soo energetic, I can’t even imagine how hard it is to deal with 4, you’re a hero!
    I totally agree that us, moms, forget to take care of ourselves during the whole chaos. I’ve noticed I’m loosing my patience with my daughter recently as she always needs so much attention. She even follows me to the toilet lol.
    I’ll definetely use some of your tips.
    Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Yes, your bathroom breaks are no longer private. I have very recently started locking my door since my littlest is almost 2 and a half and can handle being separated from me for 2 minutes hehe! Keep your time with her quality time and your 5 minute timers productive and you will see you will feel better. At 2 they go through a phase where they want to start exploring their boundaries but they also need to make sure mom is a safe spot for them to come back to. You will get through this. Take your ME time and be productive, adjust your mindset when she needs snuggle time and you will be just fine. We have all been there (I was there 2 days ago with mine). Good Luck Agnieszka sweet heart!

  4. Great post, when you become a parent you feel really tired to take care of this home but you try your best to take care of your child with love and warm heart. Don’t forget to give yourself sometime. Have A Happy Family!!

  5. Great Article. Being a mother is a 24hour job and can be overwhelming if the tasks are not properly planned and taking 5 minutes to reset your brain can be refreshing

  6. Great post and I laughed out loud when you said move on to the thing your kids have been bugging you about for the last 4.5 mins! I also have 4 kids, always an adventure. Finding your 5 minute zen is a great help. I do meditate in 5 minute bursts and it does help.

    1. I’m so happy you figured out that 5 minutes makes a difference! Good luck with your 4! Thank you so much for your comment Robb, I hope to see you again to get your insight as a parent of 4 also 🙂

  7. Great post, is very true, once you become a parent, you kind of forget that you need time for yourself, something that we do with my wife is give ourselves days “off”, where, she will go out with friends or family all day or half a day out, enjoy and not worry about our child, or days where she will let me do the same. Also, there are times during the day where if she feels overwhelm, I would take our child out for a walk or do some errands and she can have time for herself, aside from the naps as our child thankfully is sleep train. Again thanks for the post, I will share it with my wife and my other friends that have children.

    1. That is SO great you guys have that support system in place! Keep it up as the kids get older too. Once they are able to stay at home you guys could start having regular dates – Oh think of the possibilities! LOL

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