Reclaim the Last 20 Minutes of the Day for Yourself

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As a mom the time flies, leaving you feeling like you have done nothing for yourself the entire day. The time we hoped to have for ourselves went to our children. We aren’t complaining, no, we don’t complain. It’s our duty and our pleasure to make sure these little blessings get everything they need and deserve. It is now night, all little eyes are asleep and it is time to reclaim the last 20 minutes of the day for yourself. Rejuvenate so you can start again tomorrow.

Every Night

It’s a nice thought to do this every night but sometimes you are just too exhausted or the kids get to bed late, or, or, or…. you know things come up. You can still attempt to take the last 20 minutes of the day for yourself but please don’t think this is a guarantee in your life, especially if your kids are young. If you miss your full 20 minutes that you were counting on you will be more anxious and frustrated that it didn’t happen and end in a downward spiral of feeling miserable the next day, then being too exhausted that night and feeling more miserable the 3rd day… it’s not worth it.

Reclaim the last 20 minutes of the day for yourself - tired at work

Understand that this is a luxury for you. If you get 5 minutes tonight, you should have your priority and everything else is gravy. My end of the night routine is often brushing my teeth and getting the makeup off my face. A few times a week, however, the stars align, everyone is in bed and I have the mindset of resting myself for the next day (usually because I know the next day will be busy).


My first 5 minutes is my priority. If (and when) a child interrupts I know that my 5 minutes is something that I need for ME. My priority usually involves a shower. If I get my shower I feel like I did something for myself. I take off my eye makeup before getting in the shower and wash my face well while I’m in there. I have a thing about my face. If it feels clean, the rest of me just needs a quick rinse and I’m good to go if I need to jump out. That is my first 5 minutes.

Write down your priority so you can look forward to something and so you will feel like the last little bit of your day was just for you, check it off your to-do list and feel proud of yourself.

The Gravy

Here is where you can get lost. Set a timer if you would like, but you will get to know what will help you feel refreshed for the next day and what may feel like a waste of precious time. Unlike my other posts, 20 minutes doesn’t necessarily mean 20 minutes. It could be 5. It could be a whole hour (oh, man! could you imagine??)

Reclaim the last 20 minutes of the day for yourself - bath time ME time

Your mindset is the key to your relaxation with this part. If you only get 5 minutes, be grateful for that reset. If all I get is a 5-minute shower, I look forward to the next day when I can put makeup on a nice clean face. If I can get my anti-aging cream and sei-bella rejuvenating serum on after my shower, I feel like heaven when I crawl in my bed. If I am able to slather my skin with my favorite Renew lotion and brush my teeth longer than usual, I sleep better. These things are my gravy, the more I am able to do for myself, the more grateful I feel by the time I hit that pillow.

I know you are tired

This time might be tempting to skip at the end of a long day. You know and I know you are tired. A 5-20 minute reset doesn’t always sound like something you want. I do skip mine once in a while. When I know that I will fall asleep in 30 seconds flat (not exaggerating, I am this tired a lot of the time), 5 minutes seems like a burden more than a rejuvenating experience. I have found that when I take my 5-20 minutes, I sleep better and I don’t take as long the next day to get prepared. 5 minutes in the shower washing my face saves me about 10 minutes if I do it in the morning. It saves me about 15-20 minutes if the kids end up interrupting me. 5 minutes at night is worth it for me.

Reclaim the last 20 minutes of the day for yourself - fell asleep with my makeup on

Getting started when you are tired is the hardest step. I tell myself one thing I want to accomplish – usually getting the makeup off my face. Since it is just as easy to wash my face in a sink than it is in the shower, I get in the shower, before you know it I am feeling fresh. Added bonus: I just saved time for the morning by preparing myself at night.



Start tonight. Have one thing you would LOVE to get done for yourself in mind. Write it on your accomplishment board. Have a few things After the kids are asleep, the laundry is folded, and the kitchen is tidy head for the bathroom. Do your one thing. No interruptions? Do another thing you have wanted to.

You Are Worth The Time


Check It Off Your To-Do List

Reclaim the last 20 minutes of the day for yourself - pumpkin patch silly photo


Peace and Balance,


Reclaim the Last 20 Minutes of the Day for Yourself

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10 thoughts on “Reclaim the Last 20 Minutes of the Day for Yourself

  1. Hi,
    I believe I will benefit from this routine greatly. I know when I do this one thing for 20 for myself, it improves my mood so much. If I could do this just before bed, I think it helps with better quality sleep as well, as you are falling asleep on feeling good mode. we all need to do a bit of self care – we all deserve it whether we are mums or not.

    Thank you

    I wish you all the very best.

    1. Absolutely it will help sleep! That is so true that we all deserve it. We NEED it! Thankyou Habib for your comment! Come back any time!

  2. I really enjoyed this post. Life is pretty hectic and I often get to the end of the day and feel exhausted. The time just flies by and you literally don’t get 5 minutes to just be!
    I am going to make a real effort to put a bit more time by for myself. I do have a schedule that I try to stick to but the time at the end of the day is usually chill time with the hubby. It would be nice to get 20 mins for myself once in a while!
    Great post. Thank you 🙂

    1. Good for you Emma! It’s true couples time is so important, but ME time is important too. Balance is key and who is to say you can’t have both! Having separate ME time will make you stronger as individuals to make you a stronger couple. Thank you so much for the comment. Come back any time for encouragement

  3. Wow, being a mom sounds exhausting! I’m glad you take time for yourself and I agree that taking time for oneself is super important – for everyone, no matter how busy we are or how much life gets in the way.

    1. Very true! Life gets so busy, it’s so important to prioritize YOU! Thank you so much for the comment Jade. Come back any time for encouragement

  4. Great article on Reclaim the Last 20 Minutes of the Day for Yourself!! I really like all of your suggestions… especially the priority to get the shower in. It’s very important to get me time and take care of yourself. Thank you for sharing and I will definitely reclaim the last 20 minutes of the day for myself!

    1. Good for you! Yes, sometimes I don’t even remember the last time I showered so prioritizing those little things we used to take for granted can refresh your whole being. Thank you so much for the comment Alyse. You may like some other posts on how to take time for yourself with a busy life.

  5. I like the idea of prioritizing ME time! Sometimes I am so tired all I want to do is sit. 5 mins of sit time. I probably should use it to take care of my skin. I can’t remember the last time I had a “face routine”. Thank you!

    1. Don’t underestimate 5 minutes of sit time lol!! Go in your room and enjoy the quiet for 5 minutes and just breathe! Amazing how it helps hehe. Thank you Brianna for the comment. Come back anytime for more encouragement!

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