Living Life No Regrets

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I understand this is much easier said than done but today I am writing for encouragement and a little bit of a kick in the butt.  I need a reminder just like you do.  I start to think about the “what ifs,” playing back decisions that I made years ago and how I ended up here in my current position.  My point today is going to be Living Life-No Regrets.

Living life no regrets - lie detector test

Lies We Tell Ourselves

The first What If leads us to actually making us feel worse about ourselves.  What If I had taken that job?  What if I didn’t get married so young?  What if I had gotten married sooner? What if I had made this choice instead of that one?

You would like to think that the grass is greener on the other side, but you are who you are because of that choice you made.  In the moment, we felt what we chose the right option for us.  However, we don’t remember the feeling.  The thing we remember is the choice of This or That and we romantisize the rest.

Lets say you chose a career change and you are struggling right now.  You “what if” the idea of having stayed at your previous job with stability.  What you are feeling right now is the romance of having a steady paycheck.  What you don’t remember is that you hated going into a job where you felt like you were going nowhere.  You felt you needed to expand your horizons, so you made a switch.  You don’t know what is around the corner.  You have now cast your net even wider into different experiences and, even though it may not have turned out like you thought, rarely anything does.  You have more options than you did previous.  You have different experiences than you would have had, you have learned something you wouldn’t have otherwise.  Good or bad-you learned something.

Gathering Experiences

I try and live my life in each moment.  Plan for the future, live for the now.  You will see this theme in my other posts.  You only have a very short time with your children.  You only have about 80 years on this earth.  Dont you want to get it as right as you possibly can?  I do!

Living life no regrets - cliff jumping

I love the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Cary.  It takes experiences to the extreme.  It is the story of a man who said no every time his friends wanted to do something with him, every time anything came up, he said no.  He was miserable, sat in his apartment after working a job he was trying to get promoted within, never went out, and was at risk to losing everyone in his life including his best friend.  Then something happened, I wont give it away, but he had to say “Yes” to every opportunity that came along.  It opened the door for so many cool experiences in his life!

I try and teach my kids that you will never regret something you try.  Trying things will give you more experiences, better opportunities, and if you fail thats great because you learn and give it another try if it is worth it to you.  You can’t fail at something you never try. Cliche but honest to goodness can’t be truer.


Living life no regrets - sorry I'm busy excuse

We’ve all got them.  When I feel myself making excuses, I listen, then ask myself this question…. so?

That usually shuts me up and I can get to work.

Seriously though, some people live in that land of excuses.  I am so tired, I have too much debt, I don’t make enough, I am not skinny enough, I have kids, I don’t have kids, I don’t have a support partner, I, I, I, I…..If you only take one thing from this post please let it be this:


You can probably look up multiple examples of people in your excuse category and find someone that overcame that situation.  Also, no one wants to hear your excuses.  Really, do you want to hear other people’s excuses? no? Then you know I’m right.  Hearing excuses from a friend brings you down.  What do you think you are doing to yourself when you ramble off excuses to you?


Whatever you think about living life, live it with no regrets.  Act on what you feel would make you happy.  I am not saying to be stupid and hurt someone because you feel it would make you happy.  It wont make you happy.  Hurting or stepping on other people will NOT make you happy.  Living experiences and making others happy, helping people, THAT will make you happy.

Living life no regrets - this is the sign youve been looking for

If you want to leave your job to pursue something else, work harder than you ever have before.  60-80 hours a week and you will be able to leave that job.  If you really want to be Sports & Fitness“>skinny work harder than you ever have before.  You WILL see results.  You have to ACT on these things that you want.  If you don’t act, you don’t want it bad enough and you will coast through these 80 years always yerning for something to magically appear for you.

Share with us!

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?  Write down a broad picture.  Ok, now work backwards-where will you be in 10? 5? Living life no regrets - dream scrabbleand finally.  How can you get to this goal in the next 1 year?  What do you need to change?  What do you need to work harder at doing? or not doing? The more detailed the better with your 1 year plan.

Remeber most things dont go as planned but you are building experiences and widening your net to catch more and more opportunities.  Revisit your 1 year plan once in a while, check off the things you have accomplished and adjust for things that need adjustments.

Share with us what you are going to work at and your 20 year vision so we can visualize with you, then celebrate when you make it!

You are the only one living your life
No one is going to drag you along, you must walk on your own
It will be hard, It will be worth it

Living life no regrets - big bubble gum
Peace and Balance,

Mommy ASKK

Living Life No Regrets

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6 thoughts on “Living Life No Regrets

  1. Interesting reminder – you can’t fail at something you have not tried – no more excuses. My top excuse is ‘I’m too busy’ – my solution after reading your post: consciously make time for living and not just existing! Thank you.

    1. That is beautiful. It’s a conscious choice every hour of every day…until it becomes habit. Then you miss NOT doing something to move forward. Thank you for the comment! Let us know what you weren’t “too busy” for this week!

  2. This is exactly the push I needed!
    I mean I keep promising myself that I’ll be accountable for my goals but then procrastination, regrets and the ‘what ifs’ kick-in pulling back to square 1. I love the idea of visiting your one year plan and making adjustments, will definitely use this advice! Thanks for sharing🌻

    1. I really hope this helps long term! Setting small goals keeps me in check every single day. Come back and celebrate with us when you accomplish (or don’t lol) your 30 day plan!

  3. Great advice! I’m working on financial freedom! I was a single Mom for years and I know how difficult life can be for many moms. It can get easier if you have a big dream you’re working towards.

    1. Absolutely it can! Having your “WHY” is what keeps you going outside your kids. Thank you so much for that reminder! Come back and celebrate your financial freedom when you accomplish it!

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