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The little moments are what you live for when the children are young.  When your child grabs your finger for the very first time.  When they laugh.  When they say “mama.”  Sometimes it feels like a dream and you say to yourself Let it be Real.

Then they grow up, you have more firsts good and bad.  You mess up, you lose your cool, you figure out you are an IMperfect Mom.  Just like the rest of us who say Don’t Let it be Real in those moments.

Hot mess Snickers

This is for all the REAL moms

The ones who know you are not going to have the perfect children, the perfect body, the perfect home.  This is for all those that say, “you know what, I am doing my best.  My children know I love them and would fight and die for them.” “My house has been ignored for several days now.” “My children had mac and cheese and hot dogs for lunch today.” “I haven’t worked out since my littlest was born…unless you count running after them, lifting them, never putting them down, never sitting down, being jumped on, crawled on, flipped on, piggybacks, horsey rides, leg pulls…”

What makes a child great?

When they know they are loved.  When they have an exceptional support system.  Guess what?  In order for you to give that to them, you need it yourself.  This is a place you can come to get support and love.  Other Imperfect Moms that will tell you it’s all good!  You can reset and start again.

Do you know what else makes a child great? I think it’s most important and I want to tell you this secret.  Something most of us forget isn’t actually a secret.  We never talk about it like we made a pinky promise but it needs to be talked about!!! candy hearts


Take time for yourself.  Every day.  Even if it’s 5 minutes.
It WILL make a difference in your life and your children’s lives.  

Let’s discover HOW together.  My promise to you is to let you know my ideas of ME time.  I promise to listen to your ideas, questions, comments, concerns, and struggles.
Let’s get real together and support other imperfectly real moms.

Peace and Balance to you all,



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20 thoughts on “Let it be REAL

  1. As a mother, I can definitely agree that taking care of yourself makes a big difference for you and your children. I used to neglect taking care of myself because I would put the needs of my family first and forgot that if I wasn’t well how would that benefit any of us. It was my mom who reminded me that in order to truly take care of my duties as a mom I must first take care of myself. So I now make sure I take time to myself every day, even if only a few minutes, and I make time for everyone. Thanks for the great post!

    1. Wow! What a blessing to have such a wonderful mom to remind you that you have to take care of YOU. A few minutes makes a world of difference! Thank you Melissa for you comment.

  2. Hey Andrea, Thank you for all the great info and tips. It is always great to be reminded of simple things as those can be so important and easily missed as well.

  3. Hey Andrea, parenting has to be one of the most demanding roles and it is the mother who is normally in charge, although fathers are taking a more active role nowadays.

    Many of us guys just don’t know how lucky we are when it comes to bringing up the family.

    Thanks for sharing


    1. Thank you for the kind words. In most households the women are still the ones who are expected to do the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and child necessities. It is slowly changing especially in households where the woman works outside the home, but that is one more responsibility she is putting on her back at the same time. Each home is different and it’s up to the woman to really speak up and show her strength if she has a partner who should be supporting her and maybe doesn’t understand how, yet.

  4. Great advice. We all want to be perfect parents but it’s impossible. Now my children have children of their own and I tell them the same thing: This is not the last mistake you’ll make as a parent so you need to let it go. All you can do is try your best.

  5. Very real and thought-provoking post! Mothers can become so preoccupied with the unlimited growing list of jobs to do that they neglect to look after themselves. It’s great that you include a reminder to take a breather, even 5 minutes can do wonders.

    P.S. I love the hot mess bar you posted!

  6. First of all, Thank you for this amazing ideas that seems simple but in reality It’s not that easy. Respect for all woman’s and especially the powerful ones.
    Keep amazing us with the great contents

  7. Hi, this is very sound info and a wonderful opening message for your site. If I were a mum, I would choose to come back and see what I might learn from this site. You sound like you´ve learned a few things and it´s really good to share your experiences with others.

  8. This is all good info! I have 2 girls 3 years and under and i feel like I need to have a little me time in order to give them what they need. I always function better when i reset myself. Its as simple as taking a nap when they do and ignoring the to do list or watching a show after they are in bed. Sometimes its bigger things like getting a babysitter and going out with friends. But it is so important to find a little me time! Thanks for the article!

    1. When they are small is the hardest in some ways. You are so right and great tips to nap when they nap and ignoring the to-do list once in a while! You should really explore the site a little more I think you might find a friend in other overwhelmed moms here 🙂

  9. This is very important info to remember when you are a mom. Thank you for sharing and providing such valuable ideas. My kids are grown up now and I wish I would have worked more on that when they were little.

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