First Time Mom Tips – How to balance your sanity

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First Time Mom Tips - new mom and baby

SUPERMOMs don’t exist no matter what social media shows you, I promise!  Here are some First Time Mom Tips which will help anyone who is overwhelmed and just needs a reset!


Being a mom is overwhelming. Suddenly your life is not your own anymore and you have this thing depending on you for absolutely everything. In addition to your new bundle of joy the world expects you to be Super Mom with a perfect child, perfect body, and perfect home. I remember being out of my element and it took me 4 tries to finally figure out you can’t do everything. I put together a list for you. First Time Mom Tips so you can keep your sanity and heal correctly.

Whether you are a first-time mom, you are doing it again, or you are a bit overwhelmed right now and are in need of a reset, you need to keep things simple!

Keeping things simple and setting small goals will help you keep your sanity and build your confidence. We all know this in our heads but here is the way I actually accomplish it:

1-3 things ONLY!

Write down what you hope to accomplish today. Doesn’t matter where you write it. Just write it down. Keep this list between 1-3 things! Seriously!! You, just like your baby, are learning a new life. You have to take it slow and crawl before you can walk.

When I first came home from the hospital with each of the first 3 kids I tried to do it all. Dishes, laundry, meals, plus take care of a newborn AND let my body heal. After my third I actually had my mother-in-law come to stay with us for a heart transplant she desperately needed. I was the primary caregiver for her and the baby. Talk about trying to do too much!

First Time Mom Tips - My accomplishment white board
Now that the kids are older I choose 1-2 things per category. Just to make sure I achieve my mantra daily – BALANCE.

For the majority of us, trying to keep up, burns us out and our sanity is the first thing to suffer. After my fourth, I realized I can do only a couple things and the rest had to wait. More importantly, I HAD TO BE OK WITH THAT!

Here’s the next step to your list… are you ready? When you have accomplished that thing for the day CHECK IT OFF! Don’t erase it. You want to be able to see it until at least the next day when you are creating your next 1-3 things. Better yet, if you can keep it for a while and see how much you have actually gotten done!

I have a white board that has been beaten up pretty good that I write everything on. Now that the kids are older my 1-3 things have expanded but I still keep it simple. I need to feel accomplished for the day and checking those off at the end of the day helps me sleep so much better at night.


5-15 Minutes ONLY

This rule is SO important! DO NOT skip this rule!! Whatever you put on your accomplishment list – You have to be able to accomplish it in 5-15 minutes. One item can’t be “clean my entire house” OH NO NO NO! Keep each item on your accomplishment list between 5-15 minutes!!

I set a timer for however long I feel I would be able to accomplish something (or however long I feel I could stand up if I just came home from the hospital). Start in one corner of the room and stay focused! You will be surprised at what you can do in 5 minutes. I can accomplish all of these things in 5 minutes. You can too!

  • Clean the Bathroom – Here are some photos: I did all of this in 5 minutes… YES, 5!
First Time Mom Tips - tub before
Tub full of water and toys
First Time Mom Tips - bathroom before
Toys everywhere, water on the floor, towels, and everything else…
First Time Mom Tips - bathtub after
Drained the water, picked out the toys, gave it a quick wipe
First Time Mom Tips - bathroom after
Cleaned the mirror, counter, sink, and toilet. Picked up everything else and replaced the rug
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Vacuum one room (or more)
  • Mop one room (or more)
  • Pick up the whole house

Certain things do need a bit longer like doing the dishes at the end of the day (YES, can be done in 15 minutes) and folding laundry takes a bit longer in my experience BUT makes folding fun! Put on a show, get some chips and salsa and start folding. Something I have started is doing the dishes 3 times throughout the day for 5 minutes each and setting my timer. It doesn’t seem so taxing at the end of the day and I’m beginning to fall in love with this way.

Make Sure 1 item on your list is FOR YOU!

You are not the only one that will suffer if you skip this step! SO DO IT! Set your timer for 5-15 minutes for this one because you will get anxious and come back early if you don’t! I love all of these things in my 5 minute ME time.First Time Mom Tips - woman celebrate sunset

  • Shower
  • Exfoliate and enjoy a mask on your face
  • Shave
  • Sit outside and breathe
  • Take a walk around the block
  • Enjoy a Sitz bath (This is HEAVEN after having the baby). Turn down the lights and up the music.

I absolutely LOVE this Epsom Salt to add to my baths.  It smells like lavender … mmm, amazing.  If you don’t want to put it in your bath quite yet (make sure your doctor is ok with it) just put a small bowl next to your head on the edge of the tub and breathe.  I love this so many years later!

I still use this 5 minute rule even though my kids are a bit older. Children have a sixth sense that tells them when mom is taking time for herself. It’s really incredible how it works. If mine end up at the bathroom door whining I have trained myself to feel no guilt. They can wait for me for 5 minutes or less. It really won’t hurt any of them.




Communicate fully with your significant other or whoever is your support at this time.   Let them know how much you can handle since your body just had major trauma. Tell them your goals for the day.  Tell them your dreams for your child and your future.  When you two are together turn off the TV, put down your phones and talk to each other.  Feeling alone is so hard, remember this is new for the both of you and you are in it together.  The less stress you feel the better you will heal and healthier the baby will be. There are a ton of studies on how stress on the mother affects unborn and newborn babies.

Share what your favorite ideas are for ME time and share your favorite products!  One day I will put our community favorites up on this site for us all to feel a little better about ourselves and you to thank!

5 minutes – set your timer.

Celebrate your accomplishments.

Screw everything else.

First Time Mom Tips - sparkler

Peace and Balance,


First Time Mom Tips – How to balance your sanity

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