Do What You Want, What You Really Want

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You know those days when you look up and realize it’s gone by so fast and you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything?  I try really hard to avoid those days.  Living life to the fullest, with no regrets is my goal every. single. day.  Whether that means turning all of my attention to my child who really seems to need the extra focus right now, or getting 6 full hours of homework done because all the kids decided to be independent today.  Making a choice to ignore what I think I want to do (lay down and do nothing) but instead prioritize and do something important.

The Lazy Day

Do What You Want, What You Really Want - lazy days

I am not saying I don’t believe in being lazy.  I definately believe in having lazy days and lazy times.  Those days should still be productive in one way or another.  Being lazy to me means making some junk food in the oven, maybe even popcorn and ice cream and watching a full movie with the kids.  It means no work, no homework, no time schedule, only quality fun time.  With the right mindset, those days can be just as much of a reset as a day at the spa.  They are better than the spa to me because I am making memories with my babies.

Those days are usually funny, educational and creative in their own way.  We always laugh when we are together which gives us a little inside joke and bonding experience.  They are generally educational, but not in a ABC-123 type of way, it usually more philisophical, challenging, it really makes you think, which is something schools don’t teach.  The creativity usually comes in to play when we are thinking of the next thing to do, or a challenge someone comes up with.

The Day You “Deserve” a Break

Everyone works hard, everyone justifies taking a “break” just a little too far some times.  Not doing chores, accomplishing something for the day, picking up dinner on your way home when it isn’t in your budget… it actually doesn’t do anything FOR you, it hurts you.  If you don’t do the dishes today, they will be there tomorrow, twice as high. Same with the laundry and other similar chores.  Not doing something today means that you will do it twice as long tomorrow.

Do What You Want, What You Really Want - fast food

It’s easy for me to justify picking up dinner on my way home.  I am tired, the kids have been exhausting, I don’t know what there is to eat at home… Have you ever figured out how much time and money you spend on crappy food? It’s a lot.  15 minutes in a drive through line takes just as much time and energy (especially considering you probably spend $20-30) as cooking something quick at home like grilled cheese with a fruit.

I ususally end up talking myself out of what I “deserve” because I really Don’t “Deserve” it.  I don’t deserve twice as much work tomorrow, I don’t deserve going over my budget, I don’t deserve the “break” of watching an hour of TV and getting behind on everything else.  What I do deserve is setting my timer for 5 minutes, getting what I can done, and going to bed on time feeling like I did something today.

Accomplish Something

Accomplishing something for the day is the greatest thing you can do for yourself.  I know you have had those nights where you dream of what you didn’t do.  I am taking a math class right now and I have actually dreamt of algebra problems…sad right?  Do something great for yourself and accomplish something small before you go to bed.

Pat yourself on the back. Feel good about this achievement.  This can be tricky sometimes. You really do have to adjust your mindset some days.  Something is better than nothing.  If you “deserve” sitting in front of the TV insead of getting the dishes done then you will probably have trouble sleeping tonight, BUT if you get the dishes done, watch a half a TV show or better yet, read a book, you can look back on and be proud that you did that.  Next week, next month, next year, you will be better off because of that choice.

Do What You Want, What You Really Want - just do something

Choices of Growth

We usually get stuck and focus on one part in our lives when we think back to our choices we made in the past.  A lot of times it’s financial.  If I hadn’t spent so much time with my family and had spent more time at work, I would have been a lot better off.  This is a big mistake.  Things in our life come and go, we think of money when we think of this ebb and flow, but your children come and go also.

You know if you have read my articles that I am all about balance.  Life should be a balance and yes, sometimes things tip in one way or another but for the most part, it should all balance out.  When you get stuck in the “would-a, should-a” thoughts do yourself a favor and think of what you chose to do instead.  If that thing was watch TV and ignore everything else in your life, you are right, you should have spent more time in the office.  Use that to motivate you the next time you are faced with that decision.

But if that thing was that you had a full 3 months where every saturday you were at your kid’s soccer game and every Sunday you had a family day, then I can guarentee you that was not a waste.  You only have a limited time with your children when they are young.  I can promise that they remember those days and they will grow up and continue on those traditions with their children instead of going into the office on the weekends. The choice you made may not have advanced your financial situation, but it did advance your life.

Live Well

Live IN the present but FOR the future.  Making these choices of what we really want, not what we think we want will keep us moving forward.  It will help us prioritize without even realizing we are doing it.  It allows us to shut off our brains on the things we “still have to do” and give our whole focus to our child who is asking for it. Balance is something I will always strive for.  It is difficult to accomplish but I do my best.  I hope that you will do you best with it also.

What are your reasons for moving forward?  What life do you want to have next month? Next Year? In 2 years?

Do What You Want, What You Really Want - clear off your counterDo What You Want, What You Really Want - clear off your counter

Make Choices To Better Your Life
Write Down What You Really Deserve
Teach Your Children The Same

Peace and Balance,


Do What You Want, What You Really Want

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