You Will Always Regret Something You Never Try

This Family Rule is the basis of all success stories you ever hear.  You will always regret something you never try rather than something you tried and failed.  This is true for big and small risks.  Talking to that girl you like in school may seem like a big risk at the time.  If you […]

Family Rule: Accept Everyone For Who They Are

This family rule is a protection of yourself as well as an embrace of other people’s differences. I am not talking about accepting someone’s race, sex, or religious beliefs, that stuff doesn’t make a difference to me and when I show my children that you can be friends with everyone and anyone, they will learn […]

Family Rules: Think Before You Speak

My family rules are meant to create wise adults who are able to control themselves.  This rule is about saying things we mean and meaning things we say.  Think before you speak, the other person can wait.  Have you ever noticed in the movies the character who is wise and thoughtful takes in the whole […]

If Someone Tells You You Can’t Do Something PROVE THEM WRONG!

Continuing my family rules this next one brings out the rebel in me…and in all of my children. If someone tells you you can’t do something, PROVE THEM WRONG! This teaches them that the world is not right. It’s not right about a lot of things, but it’s especially not right about what you can […]

My Family Rules – Be Aware of Your Surroundings

I have had these rules in my home for a while.  They are somewhat funny and sarcastic but very very real that I teach my children both directly and indirectly.  I want to share my family rules with you.  The first of which is be aware of your surroundings.  I always think of the TV […]

Dealing With Your Child’s Friends

We have all had that friend that when you brought them home your mom watched you guys a little more closely (or maybe you were that friend).  Now that you have children of your own you don’t want them falling into the wrong crowd, however, you can’t pick and choose their friends for them.  Dealing […]

Teenage Beauty Tips

Let me start by saying teenagers beauty starts from within.  If you encourage them and tell them that they are beautiful and handsome, they may sigh loudly and roll their eyes, but they hear you.  Tell them specifics about themselves that are attractive and be genuine. Tell them their heart, their smile, their skin, their […]

Grocery List on a Budget

When you are trying to provide quality food to feed your family it is imperative that you create a grocery list on a budget just for you and stick to it. Groceries are probably the biggest expense that you can control every month. That’s why taking the time to have a plan is so important. […]

Support Groups for Single Moms

It takes a village to raise a child is not just a cliche people say.  It is true.  So what do you do when you don’t have anyone else in your life?  You create your village!  It takes work, sure, but everything about being a single mom takes work.  Where do you find these support […]

Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Is it possible to go to the store, get healthy food to feed your whole family and save money? YES! I will share with you what healthy grocery shopping on a budget looks like. These are things that you can start doing now and requires no crazy antics or jumping through hoops. You read about […]

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