Budget and Money

Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Grocery shopping is almost always the biggest expense from our monthly budget that we have control over. I can easily spend $600 on groceries for the month when I don’t pay much attention to what I am buying, but when I plan my meals and choose good things to eat I can slash my spending […]

My Hospital Bag 1st Baby vs 4th

My hospital bag looked very different the more I knew what I actually needed after giving birth.  The first baby I had everything, 3 complete outfits, my favorite body scrub and a loofa, fingernail polish, makeup, several outfits for the baby… I was your typical first time mama. By the time baby #4 was coming my […]

Family Rule:Do Only What Makes You Happy

This family rule may seem selfish and childish on the surface but it gets deep. Let me explain. Do only what makes you happy is a view for our future. Children do what feels good in the moment but doing what makes you happy helps you to think of the future. Will this truly make […]

How to Set Up a Monthly Budget

Budgeting in our generation has become a word synonymous with depravity, restriction, maybe even impossible.  It isn’t any of those things and let me tell you why.  Budgeting is having a plan.  A budget with your finances is planning where your money is going to go.  I will show you the start of how to […]

Grocery List on a Budget

When you are trying to provide quality food to feed your family it is imperative that you create a grocery list on a budget just for you and stick to it. Groceries are probably the biggest expense that you can control every month. That’s why taking the time to have a plan is so important. […]

Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Is it possible to go to the store, get healthy food to feed your whole family and save money? YES! I will share with you what healthy grocery shopping on a budget looks like. These are things that you can start doing now and requires no crazy antics or jumping through hoops. You read about […]

Scunci Hand Held Steamer Review

Going chemical free in your home is so extremely important and is gaining popularity after a long line of bleach and ammonia based products have been best sellers on the shelves.  Killing viruses and bacteria, however, are just as important.  We can’t sacrifice germs for natural and chemical free… Can we? NO!  We can not!  […]

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