Beauty Tips for a Beauty Mom

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You deserve to feel beautiful!  These are some practical beauty tips and products I use every day.  That have received MANY compliments on my skin when I use them consistently.  Even if you only get 5 minutes today, You should feel like you did something for yourself.  Keeping up with your skin is a wonderful way to do this.  Rewarding in so many ways.  Having soft skin, having no acne (or minimal) having no wrinkles (or minimal) will give you confidence that you need to get you through the rest of …Life.  I am a Beauty Mom, confident and natural.  I want you to be one too!

Confidence is the sexiest thing about someone – I don’t care who you are or what your culture.  If you are confident, you are attractive!  Say this to yourself every day, “I am beautiful. I am confident. I’ve got this.” I can promise you, you will see yourself as such within a week or two.  Your partner will too which will in turn boost your confidence even more and so on…

Don’t wash your face all the time

Beauty Tips for a Beauty Mom - face w makeup

I love to wear makeup!  I LOVE IT!  When you put makeup on, though, please make sure you wash your face before you go to bed.  Whenever I don’t I wake up to drier skin with pimples!  It is horrible and yet we still do it from time to time, don’t we? I feel like I actually gain wrinkles when I do this (I don’t know if that’s scientifically true) but I know that dry skin or skin that you don’t take care of does get more wrinkles.

Don’t wash your face in the morning.  If you get your makeup off the night before, exfoliate, put a good quality night cream, moisturizer and oil on, your skin should be glowing by the time you wake up.  The care you put into your face plus your natural radiance is shining through by the morning!  Put on a day cream, some SPF and your favorite makeup.  You will be surprised at how little cover-up and foundation you need after a week or two of doing this.  Your natural oils will reset themselves to give you a more natural beauty.

Now, before you tune me out, I have oily skin.  I had it really bad when I was a teen and now that I am mid 30s and taking care of my skin like this I am more of a combination.  As you get older you stop producing certain things so your skin will get drier with age.  That is why a good quality product that is right for you is so important.  When you wash your face too much you are washing away the oils your face is trying to produce, so it produces more and more to attempt to keep up with what it feels your face needs.


These are my day and night products that smooth my skin so much that I get compliments whenever I use them consistently.  The moisturizer feels like velvet on your skin and I swear whenever I use the wrinkle serum consistently I can see a difference in the way my crows feet and forehead crinkle up.  It could be psychological but when I get compliments, people guess I’m younger than I am, and my confidence grows, I say the more psychological, the better hehe!Beauty tips for a Beauty Mom - charcoal mask

At night I love my Melaleuca revitalizing facial oil.  My skin loves it!  It soaks it up like it’s been missing it all its life.  Sorry, I don’t mean for this to be an ad for Melaleuca (although if you want to join, let me know and I’ll hook you up).  I just discovered this revitalizing facial oil and I love the way it makes my skin feel and I want you to know it works!


I am not an aesthetician but I have had many conversations with my aesthetician about my skin and they suggest different products all the time for my skin, the one thing they are pretty consistent in telling me though, is that the top dead layer of skin needs to come off.  You can lightly exfoliate every couple days depending on your skin.  With my oily, young skin I could have exfoliated every day and it would have been good for it.  With my ‘older’ skin I do it every couple-few days, lightly with a white washcloth and my Melaleuca face wash and then once a week I will use my Mary Kay (If you need a rep, let me know and I’ll hook you up) microdermabrasion electric brush and my favorite charcoal mask from Mary Kay as well.

Don’t Stress – Be Calm

Stress is the number one cause of all things bad… including pimples and wrinkles!  Do what you need to so you can feel Beauty tips for a beauty mom - morning snugglescalm.  I talk about it in my other posts as well, find your zen in the little things.  If you live your life stressed you will only get worse as time goes on.  Now, I am not saying there won’t be stressful times.  I am not saying you can control the circumstances that come into your life, however, you can control your reaction to everything that happens.  You are in control of you, your future and your destiny.  Understanding this will get you that much closer to staying calm in overall situations and giving you a better tomorrow.  So many studies have shown that those who feel this way are overall more successful in life.  If that’s who you want to be, be mindful of your reactions, start to tweak how you respond and you will find yourself not stressed by these situations, but patient and logical instead.  It works, I promise.

Start with the little things to finding your zen, your child’s footsteps before the butt-crack of dawn, their face when they are trying something new, teaching them how to read or do math.  Sure you’re tired.  You’ll be tired for the rest of your life!  These don’t have to be stressful situations, however, they should be memories.  Shifting your mindset will teach your brain to be calm instead of stressed.  Easy to say, difficult to do, but with practice, you will get more patient, more calm.


Take Care

Oh, I almost forgot- DRINK WATER! This is all stuff you can do at home in your me-time.  It doesn’t take long to take care of your face, neck and decollete.  When the kids go to bed go straight to the bathroom (unless you and your love have plans) wash your face and spend some time preparing your skin for rejuvenation and restoration.  You will feel better about yourself right away, clean and refreshed.  Now, grab the laundry, sit down and watch a show.  Enjoy this time when you can turn off your brain and let your skin do what it is meant to do.

Take Care of your Skin
Love yourself
Stay Calm, Enjoy your Memories in the Making


Beauty Tips for a Beauty Mom

Peace and Balance,


Beauty Tips for a Beauty Mom

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