Family Rule: Accept Everyone For Who They Are

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This family rule is a protection of yourself as well as an embrace of other people’s differences. I am not talking about accepting someone’s race, sex, or religious beliefs, that stuff doesn’t make a difference to me and when I show my children that you can be friends with everyone and anyone, they will learn that through example. The side of the coin I attempt to teach in this rule is if you find out someone is a person you do not want to associate with, you can accept then for who they are and distance yourself. You are who you hang around with in every aspect of your life. Make good choices on who makes your friends list.

Who Should Be on Your Board

Wise people are not always the ones who know the most in the room. Wise people figure out who is good for then, who know more than then, and who can speak good things into their lives to lead then to a better place on their path.

Accept Everyone for Who They Are-round table board

Imagine you are choosing who is on the board of a company that’s mission statement is to guide you along the path of life. Your job is to make sure you have good people in each division of your company so you don’t derail the whole operation. If you choose someone who is good at finances and morally corrupt, your company might be rich, but they won’t be going very far.

People ARE Different

Understanding that people are different is a blessing. You are not able to be the best at everything. It is not possible. Do what you enjoy doing and get really great at doing that thing! Now find friends who are great at other things and let then be great at those things. Embrace those differences. In a healthy friendship, you will both benefit from each other’s knowledge and natural talents.

In school children will realize who their competition is and who they can go to for help in a particular area they may struggle with. One student will be good in math, another music, another English. Teach your child that they should embrace the competition of their peer, keep it light and you may have a friend for life. You will inspire and feed off of one another. Find those students who are good in math if you are not, ask then for help or inspiration in that way, trade, hang out, it will all benefit your child.

Accept Everyone for Who They Are-different people women of different color

Friend and Teacher

In high school my competition was a boy who always made first chair in our band classes. We both loved music and loved playing. We would hang out, practice, talk about music. I was never envious but more curious of how he always made first chair. We were practically equal in every way, then I found out he practiced for hours and hours every day especially when we had an audition.

I finally figured out that if I worked harder, I could have what he had. I decided I didn’t want that though. I was already busy with other things in school, family and friends. I would rather have that in my high school life than first chair. I was able to step back and let him be great at what he did. I still learned from him, we still hung out, but I realized I didn’t want that life. It was more important to him and that was OK with me. If I ever had a question, he was the one I went to.

I teach my children that they may not be the best, the smartest, the fastest, but they should befriend and learn from those people in their lives who are better than then. When my son was in kindergarten he always wanted to be able to race this one boy in his class and win. This kid was quick! I knew my son (who is built more like a linebacker than a receiver) didn’t really have a chance to beat this kid unless he worked really hard to do so. I told my son, “watch this kid, watch how he moves, how he starts, his stride… He is the best right now in your class, you can learn how to be a better runner.”

Accept Everyone for Who They Are-teaching the young one

Choose Wisely

Finding the people who are better than you and learn from then instead of being jealous or envious. Those emotions will bring you down, it’s totally not worth it. This person can possibly be your friend and you will naturally grow with then and learn what they know.

You can have fun, get crazy, and still make wise choices when it matters. The fool will lead you to a place that may change your whole world. If you know that drinking at a party is not a good decision and this friend is there drinking and then attempts to drive home, that is someone you may not want to associate with. They are headed down a path of destruction. I want my children to recognize that if they follow this person, they will also end up in destruction. This person is not worth their future.

Power in Your Life

Accept Everyone for Who They Are- LOVE hands spell love

Accepting someone because they are different is how you get ahead in life. Using their talents and then using yours makes you three times as powerful because you are able to admit your short comings and celebrate their strengths. You are not perfect, don’t try to be. All the powerful men and women in this world have had a team of people they look to for the facts, the optimal choices, then they are able to make the best decision for everyone whom it will affect.

I want my children to be as powerful and wise as they choose to be. I want the best for then. Accepting someone for who they are and celebrating then being different than you will keep your mind and your heart open for any new experiences the world has for you.

Embrace and Accept

Celebrate Others’ Differences

You Are Only As Wise As Your Board

Accept Everyone for Who They Are- r and big dog

Peace and Balance,


Family Rule: Accept Everyone For Who They Are

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